Building FAQs – We’re here to Help

We totally understand that you will probably have lots of questions about the building process and how long each stage will take. We will be happy to answer anything when we see you, but in the meantime, here’s a few of the most common building FAQs we get asked.

  • We’re never late

  • Building Dreams

  • Results Assured

Once you have made contact with us, a member of our team will arrange a convenient time to come and visit and talk through you requirements. We will provide a written fixed price quotation. If the quotation is agreeable we will then come back to discuss full details and provide start dates and timelines for your project.

We are not going to lie, building is a messy business however, we have all precautions in place – all areas not being refurbished will be protected, plastic will be placed on the floors and all sheets will be provided. The extension/loft conversion can be built from the outside, it will only be the last knock through that may cause disruption within your home. We will ensure that after every days work your home will be left in a habitable condition.

Proficiency provides a 15 Year structural guarantee on all structural projects. We are confident in the quality of our craftsmanship.

Large projects with a significant impact on your surroundings will require planning permissions from your local authorities before any work commences. This includes extensions, renovations, basement and loft conversions. However, if your project will have no impact on your neighbours or local environment, it may be considered a ‘permitted development’, meaning you will not need planning permission. Proficiency is able to advise you on projects that need planning permissions and assist you with the paperwork.

When you begin a Build you will need to assign a Building Control Officer to oversee your project. They are there to ensure the project is being carried out safely and to an acceptable standard. If your Building Control Officer has any queries throughout the Build, our Design Team will be on hand to answer their questions.

The Party Wall Act is a piece of legislation that helps to ensure one person’s building works don’t adversely affect a neighbour’s property. If you are undertaking a home extension, you might be required to serve Notice to your neighbour(s) before you can carry out the Build.

We provide our clients access to our online construction management software, which allows them to view daily site updates. Our company will also schedule regular on-site meetings with the client throughout the construction process. (usually once a fortnight). We believe in empowering our clients with this access so that they feel comfortable, involved and reassured that their project is in the best hands. This helps prevent misunderstandings, and also ensures our clients are able to voice any concerns or ask questions at every project stage.

Unlike larger builder companies, our company’s directors are involved in each project. We are committed to limiting the number of projects we do each year so that we can complete them to our exacting standards, and give our clients the peace-of-mind that we will deliver great results. With larger companies, you run the risk of having multiple (and ever-changing) project managers leaving you with communication issues and a less than productive experience.

We do not require a deposit from you to progress your order, just sign and return your quotation acceptance form and we will do the rest.

We plan our projects meticulously, so problems are rare.

In the case that there is an issue to address we will be pro-active in resolving this with you, friendly, professional, and fair.

We trade on our reputation for quality and competence so you can rest assured that any problems will be dealt with effectively and that you will be completely satisfied with our work.

Absolutely. We have £2m Public Liability insurance, so you, your family, and your property will be fully covered in the unlikely event of accident or damage.

All of our Builds are managed by a dedicated Projects Manager who will be your point of contact throughout the Build Phase. They will provide you with regular updates and work with you to finalise any outstanding decisions (eg. electric layouts). Their job is to ensure the smooth running of the project, so you can sit back and relax!